Friday, May 8, 2015

All Finished!!

We've thrown all caution to the wind, and opened our new space.  The construction is complete (at least all the dangerous stuff), we have bid Cully goodbye (at least for the time being), cleaned up the dust and moved into the brand new space!

The panoramic view

We think it looks pretty darn good too!  There is a little more elbow room for shopping and a little more to choose from.   And best yet, all the things that make Ocean Heir such a fun place to shop are still here, though you may find them in a different place.

Kraken shirts, and candles
Our Kraken shirts and travel tin candles have moved to the center of the new space.

Masks and postcards
Those too-much-fun paper masks and classic black and white post cards are nicely displayed and easy to reach at the back of the sofa between the old and new spaces.


The Free Thinkers table
The likes of Kerouac, Muir, and Steinbeck are stashed in this new corner.  Let's call it our California Free Thinker's section. While you're back there checking out "On the Road" check out our new jewelry display and the dress rack. 

Glamper's Corner
Our camping and outdoor section has rotated one tick counter-clockwise, finding a home in a corner of the back room.

New window, favorite shirts
The ever popular three button cuff shirts are enjoying a place of honor under our brand new window.


The Yummy Armoire
 We found a great space for the food and drink section.  Everything that was stacked in that dark, cramped little back corner is now easily accessible, for your browsing pleasure.  You probably never realized we even had that many cookbooks.

There is a lot more, you just need to come in and see for yourself.  In fact, you are probably going to find stuff you didn't even know we had (it's a bit embarrassing, but we did find some stuff we didn't know we had).  And, worse comes to worse, ask an Heiress (NOW we know where everything is!).

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mother's Day, May 10, 2015

 Mother's Day, May 10, 2015, is just around the corner.  We're sure that Ocean Heir has everything you need to pick the perfect bouquet of gifts to please any Mom.  If you're feeling stuck, here are some great ideas:

 1. Cards

 Of course you have to start with a really great card, and we have the best selection.

2.  Accessories

 We have a great collection of accessories.  There are handbags in great shapes and fun colors, and our assortment of scarves ranges from gauzy whimsical prints to soft cozy knits. And hats?  We have hats that can protect Mom from the sun or shield her from the cold.

3. Jewelry

 Whether Mom likes bling, or prefers more subtle jewelry, Ocean Heir has something for every taste.  There are sweet beaded necklaces crocheted on silk cord, trendy wrap bracelets packed with crystals, and plenty of hot turquoise.  And if your Mom likes impact jewelry, don't forget about our collection of LaLou statement pieces.

4.  Small Treasures

If you're looking for that just right little thing to complete your Mother's day bouquet we have plenty a unique gifts to fit the bill. Consider one of our exquisite fragrances, or one of our candles, perhaps a sweet little framed stitchery will be just the thing.  We are here to help, you can always ask and Heiress.

5. Books

What about a great book?  We have a really great selection of all kinds.  Books on architecture, style, glamping, cooking, rock and roll, manners, recreation, and fortune-telling.  If Mom likes to read, you will find something at Ocean Heir.

Oh and there is so much more.  Come on by, see our new space, and let an Heiress help you find the perfect gift for your Mom (you probably owe her).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pardon Our Dust

Before the wall came down

Gotta have a great hat, roofers at work
Some of you may have noticed the hubbub and construction around the Garden Shed. Ocean Heir is thrilled to be taking over part of the old Deer Run space.  And despite a little noise and a little chaos we have been, and will be open throughout the remodeling process.  (Fans of Deer Run, have no fear, Leslie has taken her gifts and her talent and joined Left Field Gallery in SLO).

converts to a bed, if required
We plan  to expand our selection of cards and books, install a lounge area (you can think of it as the Husband Comfort Station), and just generally give us all a little more elbow room. We think you are going to love it, we're not done yet and we already do! 

These guys did a great job on the new floor!
First, there was the construction shoring up and weather-proofing the space. That went on for several weeks, and parts of  were pretty ugly, dirty and noisy (thanks to the Garden Shed for the property improvements and our neighbors for their patience).  Walls went up, walls came down, concrete was poured (several times), new roof, and, in true Garden Shed tradition, we have a beautiful new mosaic floor transition between the old and new spaces.   

Cully:  Handyman, Magician, Fashion Consultant
Then, our good friend and unparalleled handyman extraordinaire, Cully, handled all the Ocean Heir improvements as deftly as a magician.  He's framed walls, run electrical, installed windows, hung doors, and built new fixtures, everything that needed doing he did.  If that wasn't enough he's been a design consultant, lighting technician, Heiress tamer (sometimes we get a little nervous), and fixed our computer. He knows the difference between a boat neck and a scoop, and he's kept us ahead of schedule.  Cully, if we haven't said it yet, THANK YOU!

The Heiresses have been cleaning, merchandising, and re-fluffing all corners of the store, and of course, the Heiress-in-Chief is personally overseeing every detail.  There are just a few more construction details to button up, but we are very, very close, and should be completely done before the end of April.   Things may have moved around a bit, but it is all still here and an Heiress is always available to help find your favorites.  So come on by and be among the first to check out the new and improved Ocean Heir!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Record Store Day

Record store day is April 18, 2015, participating artists will release new music exclusively to Independent record stores .  The annual event was founded in 2007 as a celebration of the culture of the independent record store.  To find out more visit

We encourage you to support your local independent record store, but if you happen to be in the mood for something more classic don't forget about our great selection of vintage vinyl.  These covers, and more, are currently available at Ocean Heir.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Turquoise Trending

Black, white, and turquoise are the signature colors of Ocean Heir. 
Turquoise  jewelry happens to be red hot right now (thanks Cate, that necklace is stunning), and we have plenty of choices.

 Now you can accessorize to your heart's content, though we may be far from Hollywood our goods are always right on trend and right on budget!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from your friends at Ocean Heir!  We want to help you fill those gaps in your Easter baskets, so we will be open from 10am to 5pm on Easter Sunday.  Hop on over, we Heiresses will be happy to help!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The California Flannel Bush

Fremontodendron californicum

It is officially Spring at the Garden Shed when the California Flannel Bush blooms! 
This time of year people are drawn to our door by this spectacular tree.  We Heiresses are bombarded daily by questions about it.  Not that we mind, but none of us claim to be horticulturists.   Find out more about this drought tolerant California native at  Better yet, come by Ocean Heir and see for yourself!